Hummingbird Sleeping

I bet you’ve never seen a hummingbird sleeping before! Did you know they snore? They snore in a way only a hummingbird could- cutely. It’s actually a female Amethyst-throated Sunangel (Heliangelus amethysticollis) from Peru if you want to get scientific.

Dog in Snow

snow dog

Who has four paws and likes snow? This dog! Giving new meaning to the phrase “freezing your tail off”. Now excuse me, I have to go find that snowball- it’s somewhere over there in the snow.

Baby Goat Stampede!

Pygmy goats stampeding on the deck! Run cute goats run.

Don’t Mind Me, Just Monkeying Around

Mommy look at me! I’m upsiiiiiide dowwwn! Just monkeying around with my buddies. It’s ok, we’re actually monkeys so we’re allowed to monkey around- it’s what we do.


Baby Kangaroo Goes for a Swim

I didn’t even know kangaroos liked water. So cute- I want a ‘roo to take to the beach with me.

Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are For…Oh Wait

Gimme a carrot! Gimme a carrot! Come on, what more can I do? I’m a rabbit, this is some pretty advanced trickery for a rabbit. How about now? Carrot for the bunny? Puhhhleease? Wait what? You put me in this chair so I can do spreadsheets for you? What?!

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Sleepy Charly Says Goodnight

Sleepy dog must try…to… stay… awake. Keep head up. Oh no. Sleepy Charly is going horizontal. Can’t fight it anymore… eyes…slowly..closing. Sleepy dog says goodni….sssssshhhh.

Cat Hug

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A Cute Alligator?!

Yep we’ve found a cute alligator. And he’s not a cartoon or a stuffed animal or anything like that. A real live Florida gator. A cute one. I didn’t even know alligators could smile- it’s probably because he’s about to eat the photographers arm. Mmmm …

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Tiny Gameboy Ring

It might not be puppy cute but this little Gameboy ring is pretty cute for a ring.

photo from samtronika