Dog in Snow

snow dog

Who has four paws and likes snow? This dog! Giving new meaning to the phrase “freezing your tail off”. Now excuse me, I have to go find that snowball- it’s somewhere over there in the snow.

Sleepy Charly Says Goodnight

Sleepy dog must try…to… stay… awake. Keep head up. Oh no. Sleepy Charly is going horizontal. Can’t fight it anymore… eyes…slowly..closing. Sleepy dog says goodni….sssssshhhh.

Eli Will Defeat You in the Howl-off

My name is Eli and if you try to out-howl me you will be defeated. I have perfect pitch, am on key and I can hold the high note. If there was an American Idol for dogs, I’d be your next American Idog. Simon Cowoof would agree. Not only that, I do impressions- …

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No One Can Resist a Chocolate Lab

It’s a proven fact that no person can resist the charms of a chocolate labrador retriever staring up at you.

Super Cute Corgi Puppy

Dog Blanket Thief

My Dog Ate My Inugural Ticket…and my homework.

Short and Sweet: 6 seconds of Corgi

Stackable–Dog, Cat, and Rat

I’ve seen a picture of these cute animals before, but this is the first video.

Baby Duck Asleep With Puppies