Green Tea (Matcha) Cupcakes

Green Tea is supposed to boost your metabolism right?

Green Tea (Matcha) Cupcakes Originally uploaded by bossacafez 

Cute Cupcakes That I REALLY Ate

These are the cupcakes from my bachelorette party, thank you Ashley! I loved the personal cupcake boxes, and everyone was able to take one home as a favor. Actually, many people forgot to take them and I got about ten! …

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With this Ring I Thee….Oops I Ate It

Check out this adorable cupcake ring.

Pacman Cupcakes for 80’s Trivia Night

Source: debbiedoescakes

Cupcakes for Knitters

I belong to a weekly knitting group, so these cupcakes are extra special. Jill, the Queen Knitter, submitted these, and although the little marzipan sweaters are nicer than anything I will ever knit, I do not hold it against the cupcakes. See more at:

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Butterfly Cupcakes for My Belly

Sleepy Dog Cupcakes

These make me want to nap and eat at the same time…Source: Show and Tell

Even the Cupcakes are Ready for Summer

Source: rkb1

The Request for Bunny Cupcakes

A lot of people have been searching CuteAddict  for “bunny cupcakes.” I’m assuming it’s the Easter Bunny’s impending arrival. So I wanted to make it easy for anyone who arrives here looking for cupcakes featuring bunnies–I’m trusting that no one is actually making cupcakes with rabbits as the ingredient! Source: misnerka

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Palm Tree Cupcakes

I’d like to go island hopping from one cupcake to another. Another design from CupeCakeMomma.