Don’t Even Think About Taking My Snow

This snow is mine mine mine mine! I’m taking it and making a run for it. There’s not enough snow here for the two of us, buddy. Keep your monkey hands away from my snow. I’m outta here.


Magic Basket Makes Kitten Look Doubly Cute

Kitten=cute. Kitten in a magic basket=double cute. Work your magic Mr. Basket, make me double cute…it’s working, it’s working!

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Eli Will Defeat You in the Howl-off

My name is Eli and if you try to out-howl me you will be defeated. I have perfect pitch, am on key and I can hold the high note. If there was an American Idol for dogs, I’d be your next American Idog. Simon Cowoof would agree. Not only that, I do impressions- …

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That Other Famous Athlete Named Tiger

Happy Year of Me everyone! I’m training for the World Cup- I’m definitely going to be the most famous tiger athlete ever. Look at my determination. Just wait till I get my paws on this ball during a real game.. it’s going to be a gooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll.

photo …

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4 Kitties in a Kitty Tree

Obviously the penthouse is the most popular spot in this cat tree because it has the best view of whatever is happening on the right (which looks pretty exciting according to these kittens).

kitten photo credit

Stack o’ Marmosets

Short stack of Geoffrey’s marmosets. They are a squirrel sized monkey and are super cute.


Arctic Fox

Cool looking Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus). That fur will turn to snow white as the fox gets older (this photo was taken in Fall, cubs are born in Summer). It’s hearing is so good that it can actually hear prey under the snow and then dig them …

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Curious Hamster

Hamsterino sure is a curious hamster. Who’s that taking a picture of me? What’s going on? Where’s my water bottle?

Big Ol’ Goat

This is the first goat we’ve ever had here and she’s a cutie! I’m pretty sure this cute goat is pregnant, or maybe just a little chunky.

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No One Can Resist a Chocolate Lab

It’s a proven fact that no person can resist the charms of a chocolate labrador retriever staring up at you.