Gudfud Marshmallows


What could be cuter than marshmallows stuffed with chocolate or yummy fruit? Nothing! You can grab a snack pack of six or a herd of 32 if you plan on sharing. Or not so much on the sharing.

Gudfud …

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Diaper Cake for Ashley


This past weekend was my good friend Ashley’s baby shower. I was in charge of making and designing a diaper cake–no not to eat (the three layers are created with rolled diapers.) I thought the cake turned out very CUTE, so I am going to congratulate myself and wish Ashley a happy and healthy …

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Knut Candy! Get Your Knut Candy!


Jungle Themed Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies


Penguin Pancakes


I like to put peanut butter, syrup, and powdered sugar on my penguins…

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Get Your Bunny Cocoa On


Adorable Sushi Bunnies


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